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GEN 87090
EAN: 4260036250909
Edition: Bach-Wettbewerb
18.90 €

Louis Couperin (1626-1661)  
Suite in C major
Louis Couperin  
Suite in E minor
Louis Couperin  
Chaconne ou Passacaille in G minor
Louis Couperin  
Suite in A minor
Louis Couperin  
Suite in F major

Suites for Harpsichord by Louis Couperin

Francesco Corti - Winner in the category harpsichord of the International Bach Competition Leipzig

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Do you own a remote-control? Then put the new GENUIN harpsichord CD in your player, close your eyes and press the “play” button! With the first chord, the young Italian Francesco Corti will abduct you to Versailles into the private sphere of Louis XIV… in the high rooms of an Antwerp city house, as the guest of a textile merchant… right? The music of Louis Couperin tells of an epoch in which one measured time differently from the way one does today; although hardly any of his pieces last over five minutes, there is no sign of any hurry. The choice sound of the historical instrument, the old tuning with its vibrations and Corti’s clearly articulated and pulsing playing – it goes not only to the aesthete’s heart but also to that of the Francophile and perhaps also the Royalist as well – truly royal!

"That Corti is a well-versed, stylistically confident and technically sovereign musician is already clear after just a few bars. His playing is clearly structured, original in the improvisation-like Préludes and also the well-balanced, brilliant recording technology gives this recording a “noble character."
Deutschlandfunk. Die Neue Platte.

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"...the performance is very enjoyable and filled with youthful exuberance." Read more in the review of Early Music 11/2008!