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Voices from the Audience

“Combo CAM … six musicians and Doris Meeresbüchner, who is part of the group, but sometimes isn’t. She is the representative of the audience and accompanies us listeners into unexpected listening experiences.
This means that in every performance the motto ‘care about music’ can be felt with all your senses. The joy of being together, of making music, of acting spontaneously on stage goes hand in hand with great earnestness in music and text.
Finally, and this is perhaps the most important thing: It’s always about emotions, about what music does to us humans, what moves us, touches us . Those who allow themselves to be touched by all of this, who get involved in all of this, can emerge transformed from an encounter with Combo CAM .”

“Whether you’re young or old: In the fundamentally serious and at the same time absurdly comical confrontation with the thoughts and feelings of all of us, Combo CAM coaxes us out of our comfort zone and gives us the courage to stop for a moment, let go, and then to dance without restraint in our heads and hearts ... ”

Photo: Victoria Knobloch

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CD album cover 'Lorem Ipsum' (GEN 21724) with Combo CAM

Lorem Ipsum

Musik des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts aus Frankreich, Italien, Spanien und Südamerika

Combo CAM

GEN 21724  –  5.2.2021