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Instrumenta Musica devotes itself to the performance of instrumental music – from short dance movements and instrumental polyphony to large sacred and secular works from the late renaissance to high baroque.

Since its founding in 2004 by students at the Institut für Alte Musik der Staatlichen Hochschule für Musk in Trossingen, this creative and intuitive ensemble has, under the direction of Ercole Nisini, delighted audiences both as a group of solo musicians and in cooperation with renowned vocal ensembles. Instrumenta Musica enjoys a close association with the Frauenkirche Dresden. Following the reconsecration of the church in 2005, the ensemble has regularly collaborated with Frauenkirchenkantor Matthias Grünert and the Kammerchor der Frauenkirche.

Instrumenta Musica remains a highly-regarded associate of other renowned vocal ensembles including the Ensemble Officium, the Sächsisches Vocalensemble and the Ensemble Polyharmonique. There are also joint projects with the director Tom Quaas and the pantomime artists Bodecker & Neander.

Instrumenta Musica is a welcome guest at festivals such as the Niedersächsische Musiktage, the Schwarzwald Musikfestival, the Skálholt Summer Concerts (Iceland), the Heinrich Schütz Musikfest, the Brandenburgische Sommerkonzert, the WDR 3 Funkhauskonzerte, the Tage Alter Musik Regensburg, the Varazdin Baroque Evenings, the Batzdorfe Pfingstfestspielen, the Summer Festivities of Early Music in Prague, the Silbermann-Tage in Freiberg and in the Michaelstein Abbey.

Live concert recordings and interviews for WDR, SFR (Switzerland), Radio 3 (Italy) and Deutschlandradio document the ensemble’s additional activities.

Picture: David Nuglisch

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CDs released by GENUIN

with Instrumenta Musica

CD album cover 'Passacaglie d‘amore' (GEN 20722) with Heidi Maria Taubert, Instrumenta Musica, Ercole Nisini

Passacaglie d‘amore

Werke von Falconieri, Monteverdi, Merula, Frescobaldi, Strozzi, Krieger, Purcell, Heermann, Marini, Nisini und Taubert

Heidi Maria Taubert Soprano
Instrumenta Musica
Ercole Nisini Trombone

GEN 20722  –  6.11.2020