Mareike Morr

Artist photo of Mareike Morr - Mezzo-Soprano


? You have a graduate degree in piano performance, have received a great deal of recognition, and have won prizes. There must have been substantial reasons why you did not pursue your career as a pianist?
MM I studied both piano and voice for four semesters, a great challenge as far as time was concerned. Because I had many more concerts as a singer, I decided to dedicate all my time and energy to singing.

? You could have become a piano or a voice teacher; you are also obtained graduate degrees in both majors.
MM I received degrees as a piano teacher, a voice teacher and an opera singer, and during my studies I gave both voice and piano lessons. These were very pleasant experiences because I taught people between the ages of five and 80. But during this time I also felt a growing and almost irresistible desire to mount the podium myself and sing. And I reached the point where I had to decide. I decided in favor of performing music myself. I think that it is almost impossible to pursue an artistic and teaching career simultaneously. I will return to teaching later.

? What was so seductive about a career as a singer?
MM The piano is my friend, but singing is the love of my life. The piano has been a part of my life since I was five; singing only entered the picture when I was 20. I have the feeling that singing has become my own special way of expressing myself. In addition, a career as a singer is full of variety—songs, oratorios, opera.

? After completing your voice studies it did not take long before you received an offer from the Hanover State Opera. You are even a permanent member of the company now. Doesn’t that interfere with a major international career? After all, as an employee you are required to be present and have to get permission for external engagements.
MM It is true that I have to decline this or that tempting concert offer. However, at the moment I am willing to accept that, because working in an ensemble is a special experience.
In addition, the opera house gives me the opportunity to learn and try out many different works. To appear on stage in four different works in a single week and to rehearse one more is a very instructive challenge.

CDs released by GENUIN

with Mareike Morr

CD album cover 'Lamenti: furore e dolore' (GEN 10176) with Mareike Morr, Hannoversche Hofkapelle

Lamenti: furore e dolore

Arien von Gluck, Händel, Monteverdi, Purcell, Vivaldi

Mareike Morr Mezzo-Soprano
Hannoversche Hofkapelle

GEN 10176  –  20.8.2010