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GEN 04048
EAN: 4260036250480
9.90 €

Dietrich Buxtehude  
Membra Jesu Nostri
Ad Pedes: Ecce super montes
Ad Genua: Ad ubera portabimini
Ad Manus: Qui sunt plagae istae
Ad Latus: Surge amica mea
Ad Pectus: Sicut modo geniti infantes
Ad Cor: Vulnerasti cor meum
Ad faciem: Illustra faciem tuam

Dietrich Buxtehude: Membra Jesu Nostri

A exceptional passion music about the wounds of Jesus Christ

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From our modern viewpoint, it seems odd that Dietrich Buxtehude would compose a work on the parts of Christís body. However, after becoming familiar with this "Membra Jesu Nostri" recording, the deep religious fervor of the music begins to take a hold of its listeners. Musica Lingua and Arpa Festante quite literally reach the very heart of this music in their resonant, clear, yet fragile performance. Completely taken in, listners hear the panorama of a lost world unfold from the harsh dissonances of the plaintive introductory prayer to the trust in God exuded by the closing Amen in which Stephan Schreckenberger and his ensembles illuminate the face of the Redeemer despite all the suffering of the world.