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GEN 22779
EAN: 4260036257793
18.90 €

Heinz Winbeck (1946–2019)  
Streichquartett Nr. 1 „Tempi capricciosi“ (1979)
a tempo
Takt 416
Takt 516
Takt 724
Heinz Winbeck (1946–2019)  
Streichquartett Nr. 2 „Tempi notturni“ (1979)
sehr introvertiert und äußerst ruhig
Tempo primo
Heinz Winbeck (1946–2019)  
Streichquartett Nr. 3 „Jagdquartett“ (1984)
sehr langsam, unsicher suchend
mit dumpfer innerer Wut
presto possibile
gehetzt und verfolgt

Aus der Enge in die Weite – From confinement to expansiveness

String Quartets No. 1–3 by Heinz Winbeck

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A new GENUIN CD featuring the Leopold Mozart Quartet is dedicated to the string quartet works of composer Heinz Winbeck, who died in 2019. The Augsburg ensemble, made of four musicians who are active throughout Germany, is known for its high artistic quality, demanding programming, and enormous versatility. Winbeck's three string quartets were written in a period of only five years, between 1979 and 1984, and are the expression of a mature composer at the height of his powers. An unconditional will characterizes Winbeck's music to expressivity and is particularly evident in the interpretation by the Leopold Mozart Quartet: Expansive lines, the use of sparse material, and the search for extreme states – gripping, new chamber music!

Das Orchester
"Das Leopold Mozart Quartett interpretiert diese hochexpressive Musik im besten Sinne klassischer Quartetttradition - virtuos, farbenreich, rhythmisch prägnant und fesselnd." Review from June 2023.

"Eine interessante Bereicherung des Repertoires." Review by Anja Kleinmichel from December 2022

Records International
"it would be strange indeed were his equally personal and individual output for quartet anything less than remarkable" Read the whole review of May 2022 here on the website of Records International.

Fono Forum
"Heinz Winbeck hat mit dem Leopold Mozart Quartett blendende Interpreten für seine drei Streichquartette." Review by Giselher Schubert from August 2022