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GEN 22760
EAN: 4260036257601
18.90 €

Martin Christoph Redel (*1947)  
Bruckner-Essay for Orchestra, Op. 31 (1982)
Martin Christoph Redel (*1947)  
Schattenlinien (Shadow Lines), Fantasy for Violin, Cello, and Piano, Op. 53 (2000/01)
Martin Christoph Redel (*1947)  
In Secret, Night Thoughts for Solo Female Voice, Op. 77 to poems by Irena Wachendorff (2013)
Einmal nur
Offenes Geheimnis
Im Verborgenen
Martin Christoph Redel (*1947)  
Gefangene Augenblicke (Captured Moments), Mirror Fantasy for Piano, Op. 82 (2014)
Martin Christoph Redel (*1947)  
Chiaroscuro, Passages for Organ, Op. 97 (2020)
Martin Christoph Redel (*1947)  
Night Piece for Clarinet and Piano (“If at night, I of Germany think”), Op. 96 (2020)


Works by Martin Christoph Redel

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This GENUIN portrait CD of Martin Christoph Redel depicts a composer's life, encompassing a wide variety of genres and instrumentations. The composer himself made the selection of works dating from 1982 to 2020. From the Bruckner Essay to fine piano music, the CD looks at Redel's oeuvre that integrates techniques and genres of the past without disavowing his contemporary tonal language. Some of the works by the trained percussionist and composer, who was rector of the Detmold University of Music from 1993 to 2001, have political references. They reveal a creator who does not see himself as an isolated artist in an ivory tower but as a human being in society. A rewarding voyage of discovery!

NDR Kultur
On January 25, starting at 9 pm, the CD Chiaroscuro will be presented in the program "neue musik" on NDR Kultur.

SR2 Kultur
On January 27, the CD Chiaroscuro will be presented in the program "Mouvement" on SR2 Kultur, starting at 9 pm.