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GEN 17473
EAN: 4260036254730
18.90 €

Nikolet Burzynska (1989, Katowice)  
lightfire (2015)
Juan Manuel Abras (1975, Stockholm)  
Perpetuum tanguile (2013)
Federico Placidi (1968, Rome)  
del bianco silenzio … al limite della notte
Filip Sande (1970, Trondheim)  
Fire on snow, Op. 127 (2015)
Bence Hartl (1987, Budapest)  
Scherzino Diminuito (2015)
Juan Manuel Abras  
The Hermit on Arnold Böcklin’s “Der Einsiedler”
(revised version 2016)
Johanna Doderer (1969, Bregenz)  
In Breath of Time (2010–2012)


World Premiere Recordings by Nikolet
Burzynska, Juan Manuel Abras, Federico
Placidi, Filip Sande, Bence Hartl and Johanna

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Thrilling, dynamic, chilling, crystal-clear, luminous, deathly still, smoldering – all words to describe Édua Zádory’s violin playing, captured on her GENUIN debut release! The young Hungarian violinist has brought together exclusively world premiere recordings of solo violin works dedicated to her, and the spectrum could not be broader: from the icy landscapes of Filip Sandes to the breathless intensity of Juan Manuel Abras, distant whirring of Federico Placidi, and explosive borderline experiences of Bence Hartl. Captivating from the first to the final note!