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GEN 17453
EAN: 4260036254532
18.90 €

Buxheimer Orgelbuch  
Redeuntes in idem (Ut)
Guillaume de Machaut  
Sanctus (Messe de Nostre Dame)
Robertsbridge Codex/Philippe de Vitry  
Adesto – Firmissime fidem teneamus – Alleluia
Adam Ileborgh von Stendal  
Sequitur aliud praeambulum super d manualiter et variatur super a g f et c
Codex Faenza 117  
Kyrie & Gloria Cunctipotens Genitor Deus
Adam Ileborgh von Stendal  
Praeambulum super d a f et g, Sequitur mensura sex notarum eiusdem tenoris „Frowe al myn hoffen an..
Antoine Busnois(?), Johannes Buchner, Leonhard Kleber, Alexander Agricola  
Fortuna desperata
Paul Hofhaimer  
Salve Regina
Adam Ileborgh von Stendal  
Sequitur praeambulum in C et potest variari in d f g a
Johannes Buchner  
Dantz Moss. Benczenauer
Buxheimer Orgelbuch  
Redeuntes in mi
St. Galler Orgelbuch/Heinrich Isaac  
Tota pulchra es
Johannes Buchner, Sethus Calvisius, St. Galler Orgelbuch  
Christ ist erstanden

Fortuna desperata

Gothic and Renaissance Organ Music

Metzler-Schwalbennest Organ (2015), Hall of the University Church of St. Paul, Leipzig

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In their GENUIN release Fortuna desperata, the foundation of the new University Church of St. Paul in Leipzig and university organist Daniel Beilschmidt celebrate the great cycles of faith and life. From ringing bells to the Zimbelstern, from the full organ to intimate dialogue with the human voice: Beilschmidt presents the new Metzler-Schwalbennest Organ in a recording that is at the same time a call for donations so the instrument can be completed. Beneath his fingers and feet, the stirring music from Machaut to Calvisius, from the 14th to the 16th centuries sounds both ancient and modern, boisterous and contemplative – a journey to the limits of the known world and beyond!

For the second phase of the swallow´s nest organ renovation you can donate here: www.stiftung-universitaetskirche.de