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GEN 16424
EAN: 4260036254242
18.90 €

Pierre Jodlowski (*1971)  
Mixtion (2002/2003)
Steve Reich (*1936)  
New York Counterpoint (1985)
Luciano Berio (1925–2003)  
Sequenza VIIb (1969/1993)
Gordon Kampe (*1976)  
Ruth’s Piece (2014)
World Premiere Recording
Fabien Lévy (*1968)  
L’aird’ailleurs – Bicinium (1997)
François-Bernard Mâche (*1935)  
Aulodie (1983)

Different Traces

Works for Saxophone Solo and Electronics by Jodlowski, Reich, Berio, Kampe, Lévy and Mâche

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Berlin-based saxophonist Ruth Velten has put together an exciting program of new music for her first GENUIN solo CD. She combines classics of the modern era like Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint and Berio’s Sequenza with music of the 21st century by Pierre Jodlowski and Gordon Kampe. Kampe wrote his unbelievably colorful Ruth’s Piece (with wicked zombies) for this versatile musician, who wins us over with new performing techniques, virtuoso passagework, and gorgeous saxophone sound in both this world premiere recording and the rest of the program. A wild and intense trip, truly psychedelic…

The Composer François-Bernard Mâche about Ruth Velten: "Ruth Velten's interpretation is imbued with delicacy and precision. Its virtuosity makes you believe she is delighted to improvise this music. No wonder that eventually in this kind of scherzo, such a brilliant soloist succeeds in carrying the electronic partner along her dionysiac rapture".

"...enharmonic fingerings, multiphonics, flutter-tonguing, micro-interval trills, overblowing, etc.—are nicely done by Velten. (...) The engineering and presentation are outstanding."
Review on the magazine Fanfare by Ronald E. Grames, 12/15/2016