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GEN 15353
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Dinorah Varsi Legacy

The Collected Piano Recordings
35 Audio CDs, 5 DVDs and 1 book

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Works by 28 composers from Albéniz, Beethoven, Brahms and Chopin to Ravel, Schubert, Schumann and Tchaikovsky

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Here you can find the complete tracklist as PDF

She was one of the outstanding artists of the 20th century: the pianist Dinorah Varsi (1939–2013). Her musical legacy is now available through GENUIN. The Dinorah Varsi "Legacy" box includes 35 CDs as well as previously unpublished photographs and 5 DVDs with concert recordings, film portraits, a master class and interviews. The accompanying 112-page book features original articles and numerous photographs that complement the lovingly crafted edition. Featuring both live and studio recordings of works by 28 different composers, the virtuosic and distinctive art of Dinorah Varsi is displayed. Her sensitivity towards the musical language of the composers, and her search for the right sound, were great challenges that she took on during her entire lifetime, always remaining faithful to them in the way she played. The "Legacy" box is a tribute to a unique artist and is a godsend for all lovers of great pianism.

- The artistic legacy of one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century
- 250 years of music history from Rameau and Bach to Bartók and Ustvolskaya
- More than 40 hours of music and 10 hours of video

"The Dinorah Varsi Legacy Box with 35 CDs and seven DVDs contains approximately 50 hours of music. Though not all the recordings are of interest, a great number of them are really valuable and some even terrific."
Review on the magazine Pizzicato by Remy Franck, 18.11.2015

"Exploring the legacy of Dinorah Varsi"
Review on planethugill.com from 20 September 2015

Spiegel online
"Die Pianistin Dinorah Varsi gehörte zu den Großen des Fachs. Als sie 2013 starb, hinterließ sie maßgebliche Aufnahmen, Konzertmitschnitte und Interviews. Die Box, die ihr Werk jetzt auffächert, überrascht mit einer Fülle von Details."
Review by Spiegel online by Werner Theurich, 1.11.2015

Pianist Magazine
"As a document of a pianist who undoubtedly influenced a whole generation of German pianists, this box is invaluable, but it should also be strongly considered by those interested in the lesser-known masters of the keyboard."
Review on the Pianist Magazine, 19.11.15

Recording of the Year / MusicWeb International
„The CDs, DVDs and book are housed in a large, beautifully produced deluxe presentation box: 32x32cm. It is laudable that Varsi’s legacy has now been made available, in this age where reissues of back catalogue at an affordable price is in vogue. This project has clearly been a labour of love for Genuin, and this release will be enthusiastically welcomed by aficionados of great pianism. It will prove a valuable and worthwhile investment.“
Review on MusicWeb International by Stephen Greenbank, December 2015

"una de las más destacadas intérpretes de la obra de Frédéric Chopin"
Review on proyecto40.com by Notimex México, 16 June 2015

"Varsi no sólo era una gran pianista sino también una gran maestra."
Review on mundoclasico.com by Agustín Blanco Bazán, 7.12.15

El pais
"Un premio especial al legado de una artista"
Review on El pais, 25 January 2016

Neue Zürcher Zeitung
"This edition is a revelation"
Review on the Suisse newspaper Neuen Zürcher Zeitung by Wolfgang Stähr, 5.2.2016

"L’hommage bien mérité ŕ Dinorah Varsi"
Review on the French magazine ResMusica by Jean-Claude Hulot, 4.2.2016

See Dinorah Varsi´s website