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GEN 15370
EAN: 4260036253702
18.90 €

Leopold Mozart (1719-1787)  
Sinfonia di caccia in G major (Jagdsinfonie)
for four horns, strings and shotgun (Kugelbüchse)
Robert Schumann (1910-1856)  
Concertpiece in F major
for four horns and orchestra, Op. 86
Trygve Madsen (*1940)  
Sinfonia Concertante (World Premiere Recording)
for four horns and orchestra, Op. 153

Schumann, Madsen, Mozart

Works for Four Horns and Orchestra

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Once again, the four gentlemen of german hornsound open the gates to horn heaven wide open for us. And this time, on their third GENUIN CD, they present original compositions exclusively written for their formation and orchestra. One of the pieces, the Sinfonia Concertante by Trygve Madsen, was specifically written for the exceptional quartet and has found its way onto a CD for the first time. But the other two works, Leopold Mozart's Jagdsinfonie and Robert Schumann's stormy Concert Piece for Four Horns, also sound as if they had been tailored for german hornsound. Pure, blaringly addictive brass-happiness!

American Record Guide
"It is an outstanding ensemble with perfectly matched timbres and articulations."
Review on the American Record Guide by Kilpatrick, January/February 2016

"This is an extraordinary disc. (...) an absolutely delightful program, most highly recommended to horn fanciers, lovers of these two classic scores, and to those looking for outstanding new works to savor and chuckle over."
Review on the magazine Fanfare by Ronald E. Grames, 2/5/2016