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GEN 03016
EAN: 4260036250114
Edition: select
49.90 €

Johann Sebastian Bach  
Prelude and Fugue in C sharp minor WTC 1
Ludwig van Beethoven  
Sonata for Piano in C major op. 53
1st movement - Allegro co brio
Frederic Chopin  
Barcarolle in F sharp major op. 60
Frederic Chopin  
Fantasia in F minor op.49
Hans-Ulrich Staeps  
Pan Pan
Louis Gruenberg  
6 Jazz Epigrams op. 30b
Billy Golwyn  
Verbena (Foxtrot)
Leopold Mittmann  
Jazz Babies
Nos. 1-3
G. Rossini  
Overture to the Opera "La Gazza Ladra"
Tango "Serenade Italienne"
H. Schittenhelm  
Der Eisläufer ( The Ice Skater)
Josef Schneider  
Johann Sebastian Bach  
Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue BWV 903 in D minor (1962)
Sonata in F major No. 15 KV 533 + 494
Rondo - Allegretto (KV 494)
Frederic Chopin  
12 Etudes op. 25
No. 1 in A lfatmajor "Aeolian Harp"
No. 2 in F minor
No. 3 in F major
No. 4 in A minor
No. 5 in E minor
No. 6 in G sharp minor "Double Thirds"
No. 7 in C sharp minor
No. 8 in D flat major
No. 9 in G flat major "Butterfly"
No. 10 in B minor
No. 11 in A minor "Winter Wind"
No. 12 in C minor
Frederic Chopin  
3 Etudes from op. 10
No. 4 in C sharp minor
No. 8 in F major
No. 1 in C major
Frederic Chopin  
Mazurka op. 63 No. 3 in C sharp minor
Fantasia in C minor KV 475
Sonata in B flat major KV 333
Andante cantabile
Allegretto grazioso
10 Variationson "Unser dummer Pöbel meint" - KV 455
March in C major KV 408
J. Haydn  
Sonata in C major Hob. XVI:50
Allegro molto
J. Haydn  
Variations on the Imperial Anthem Hob. III: 77 II (authentic keyboard version)
D. Scarlatti  
Sonata in E major Longo 23
Franz Schubert  
Rondo in D major op. post. 138 D 608
Franz Schubert  
Variations on an Original Theme in A flat major op. 35 D 813
F. Schubert - J. Brahms  
Ländler from D 366
Franz Schubert  
Divertissement a la hongroise op. 54 D 818 3 rd movement (shortened)
Ludwig van Beethoven  
Sonata in F minor op. 57 "Appassionata"
Allegro assai
Andante con moto
Allegro ma non troppo
H. Villa-Lobos  
Impresioes Seresteiras from "Ciclo Brasiliero"
Frederic Chopin  
Polonaise in A flat major op. 53
Piano Concertoin D major KV 175
Andante ma un poco adagio
Ludwig van Beethoven  
Symphony No. 2 in D major op. 36
Adagio molto - Allegro con brio
Scherzo. Allegro - Trio
Allegro molto
Johann Sebastian Bach  
4 Counterpoints from "Kunst der Fuge" BWV 1080
No. 1
No. 4
No. 15
No. 11
Frederic Chopin  
Ballade No. 4 in F minor op. 52
A. Berg  
Sonata op. 1
Frank Martin  
"Fantasie sur des Rythmes Flamenco"
Live intoduction from Paul Badura-Skoda
Rumba lente - Rumba rapide
F. Liszt  
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
Franz Schubert  
Sonata in A minor op. 42 D 845
Andante, poco mosso
Scherzo. Allegro vivace - Trio. Un poco piu lento
Rondo. Allegro vivace
Johannes Brahms  
6 Pieces for Piano op. 118
Intermezzo in A minor
Intermezzo in A major
Ballade in G minor
Intermezzo in F minor
Romanze in F major
Intermezzo in E flat minor
M. Ravel  
Gaspard de la Nuit (3 Poemes pour piano d`apres A. Bertrand)
Ondine. Lent
Le Gibet. Tres lent
Scarbo. Modere
Johann Sebastian Bach  
Toccata from Partita in E minor BWV 830
Paul Badura-Skoda  
Interview (Bruxelles, 2003)
about "Kunst der Fuge"

A Musical Biography

Recordings and live concerts of the world famous pianist.
Plus an extra CD containing an exclusive interview of Badura-Skoda from 2003.

8-CD Box

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On the 75th birthday of Paul Badura-Skoda: 7 CDs with recordings and live concerts of the world famous pianist, from 1940 to 2002. Many very rare recordings, most of them unpublished, on modern and historic instruments. Plus an extra CD containing an exclusive interview of Badura-Skoda from 2003.

Selected pieces of Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Brahms, Ravel, Martin and many more.