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GEN 13285
EAN: 4260036252859
18.90 €

Robert Schumann (1810–1856)  
Bunte Blätter Opus 99
Robert Schumann  
Albumblätter Opus 124
Robert Schumann  
Albumblatt Ahnung
Robert Schumann  
Da kein Brief von dir kam
Johannes Brahms (1833–1897)  
Albumblatt Frei nach Schumann
Johannes Brahms  
Albumblatt für Mathilde Hartmann
Johannes Brahms  
Albumblatt für Arnold Wehner
Theodor Kirchner (1823–1903)  
Albumblatt Der Klavierstimmer kommt
Theodor Kirchner  
Gedenkblatt Robert Schumann † 1856
Woldemar Bargiel (1828–1897)  

Robert Schumann

Bunte Blätter, Op. 99, Albumblätter, Op. 124, and music by Johannes Brahms, Theodor Kirchner, Woldemar Bargiel

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These wonderful musical leaves, compiled for us by the pianist Tobias Koch for the fourth CD of his Schumann series on GENUIN, waft towards us as if from distant times. Alongside works of Schumann, we find delicate treasures by Johannes Brahms, Theodor Kirchner und Voldemar Bargiel – all works that these composers would have written in Schumann's poetry album, so to speak. Some of them appear on CD for the first time here. And alongside this allurement of rarity, Koch's floating, breathing piano sound fascinates us once again, conjuring up the period of these pieces with their impetuous feelings, salons and yearning for distant places - fragile and moving miniatures...

Classics Today
artistic quality: 9
sound quality: 9
"persuasive and committed interpretations"
Review on classicstoday.com by Jed Distler, October 2013

"... come davanti a un disegno abbozzato con eleganza e sensibilità ..."
Review on the Italian magazine "Musica" by Luca Segella, issue 253