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GEN 13270
EAN: 4260036252705
Edition: Primavera
18.90 €

Daniel Schnyder (*1961)  
"Olympia" for eight Trombones
Saskia Apon (*1957)  
Eerste Trombone Kwartet
Christian Lindberg (*1958)  
Under the pillow, for four Trombones
Derek Bourgeois (*1941)  
Scherzo Funebre, Op. 86, for eight Trombones
Daniel Schnyder  
Trombone Quartet
Folke Rabe (*1935), Jan Bark (*1934)  
Derek Bourgeois  
Osteoblast, Op. 210, for eight Trombones

Trombone Unit Hannover - Full Power

Works by D. Schnyder, S. Apon, C. Lindberg, D. Bourgeois and F. Rabe

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How bold are we today, then? How would it be with ... eight trombones? Hey - don't run away! You won't believe what you are going to hear! What the Trombone Unit Hannover have put into the GENUIN record grooves is a small sensation: well-oiled slides, funky grooves, all the colours of the rainbow. Perfectly balanced and in perfect tune, and everything being recorded for the first time ever! Exciting music by Christian Lindbergh, Derek Bourgeois and others. It's no wonder that these eight fellows won the German Music Competition... So put away your Jew's harp and glass harmonica - and fill up on trombone power!

Musikmagazin Fanfare
"It comes with the highest recommendation, not only for trombone fans, but for admirers of highly imaginative and accessible modern music."
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American Record View
"This trombone ensemble’s noble, imposing sound is heard to full advantage in all three works."
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