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GEN 10164
EAN: 4260036251647
Edition: Primavera
18.90 €

György Ligeti (19232006)  
Six Bagatelles
Erkki-Sven Tüür (*1959)  
Georg Katzer (*1935)  
Wie ein Hauch ... doch manchmal
Fabien Lévy (*1968)  
Olga Neuwirth (*1968)  
Iannis Xenakis (19222001)  

sonic.art Saxophonquartett

Performing Ligeti, Türr, Katzer, Lévy, Neuwirth, Xenakis

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A saxophone can also be overwhelming... But if four of them get into it the way the sonic.art saxophone quartet does on their new GENUIN CD, you can almost compare the sensation to a small power plant going online. Concert reviews have only enthusiastic praise for the splendid tone and full range of timbre achieved by the young ensemble in concert, who won the German Music Competition last year. The CD only lends credence to this high critical praise. From the magical feats of Ligeti all the way to Trs captivating songs of lamentation, from the iridescent surfaces of Lvys writing to the archaic sounds of Xenakis: their technical brilliance and variability is breath-taking. At the same time, the nonchalant ease of their performances almost makes you think they never need to breathe at all...

sonic.art is:
Ruth Velten - soprano
Alexander Doroshkevich - alto
Martin Posegga - tenor
Annegret Schmiedl - baritone

Komponist Erkki-Sven Tr
"Great performance, well balanced and played with real fire and deep understanding."

"A spectacular saxophone album of classic excellence!"
Ensemble April/May 2010