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GEN 89135
EAN: 4260036251357
Edition: Primavera
18.90 €

I. Xenakis (1922–2001)  
Dmaathen (1976)
for oboe and percussion
R. Hirs (*1965)  
article 0 [transarctic buddha] (1999)
D. Mack (*1954)  
Telu (1989/90)
G. Ecker t (*1960)  
nor (2008)
D. Mack  
Wantilan (1988
for flute and percussion
I. Xenakis  
Psappha (1975)


Works by I. Xenakis, R. Hirs, D. Mack and G. Eckert

Deutscher Musikwettbewerb Laureate 2007

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The newly released GENUIN CD featuring percussion shooting star Johannes Fischer shines with at least four unique features. The disc showcases the First Prize winner of the 2007 German Music Competition and the 2009 ARD Music Competition while also presenting three premiere recordings. At the same time the exceptional Johannes Fischer can only be fully appreciated once the CD starts spinning—meditative, timelessly archaic sounds by Iannis Xenakis, the iridescent tonal layers to be heard in the work of Rozalie Hirs, exotic dialogues by Dieter Mack. There is much in store for classical music lovers on this new release.