Breakthrough on Spotify: GENUIN CD Antonio Vivaldi: The Four Seasons receives over 2.2 million click

Breakthrough on Spotify: GENUIN CD Antonio Vivaldi: The Four Seasons receives over 2.2 million click

Igor Malinovsky and his Dresdner Residenzorchester have reason to be pleased with their popularity on Spotify: as of writing, their GENUIN release Antonio Vivaldi: The Four Seasons has received over 2.2 million clicks on the streaming service. For the label and artist, this corresponds roughly to the revenues from 1000 CD sales. The last GENUIN CD to achieve such widespread attention was Bach without Words, with 2 million clicks.

This demonstrates once more that streaming has established itself as a major source of revenue alongside physical CD sales. Just this week the news was announced that for the first time, the German music market earned more income through streaming than through physical recording sales.

With this in mind, GENUIN is focusing its strategy on making downloads and streaming available early on without allowing itself to be deterred by the fear of a collapsing CD market. Whereas in the 1980s, when the introduction of CDs heralded a golden age in the music market, the introduction of MP3 downloads in the 1990s marked a break in sales and marketing strategies. Many labels initially demonized MP3 files and digital downloads before later using them as a new way to reach their listeners. Things had barely settled before streaming and subscription models brought new wind into the market. GENUIN was established right at this moment of change, in 1998, and from its onset viewed the new digital distribution opportunities as an opportunity and asset for enjoying music in the digital age.

Together with Naxos digital, GENUIN quickly found a reliable partner that presents all of its new releases worldwide on virtually all of the digital portals available - whether as a stream, a MP3 file or a high-resolution HD Format. In this way, GENUIN provides all listeners an opportunity to find a medium optimally tailored to the way they enjoy classical music, be it the stream from a cell phone while on the road, the digital file on the computerís iTunes library or the CD on the home stereo system.

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