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GEN 16442 4.11.2016
18.90 €

Hans Sandig (1914–1989)  
Besuch im Zoo („Zookantate“) - Eine heitere Tierliederfolge
Kommt mit, wir fahren in den Zoo (Auftrittslied)
Teddy Brumm
Lied vom Kamel
Storch Einbein
Bison Zottelhaar
Pony Hopp
Es war einmal ein Regenwurm
Der Pinguin
Der Ochse und das Känguru
Lied von der Giraffe
Zebra Putzi
Wir gehen bald wieder in den Zoo (Schlusslied)
Hans Sandig  
Morgenstern-Zyklus („Winterkantate“, Text: Christian Morgenstern)
Wenn es Winter wird
Die Enten laufen Schlittschuh
Die drei Spatzen
Die Vogelscheuche
Die zwei Wurzeln
Schlaf, Kindlein
Der Frühling kommt bald

A Visit in the Zoo

Music for Children by Hans Sandig

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“Sandmann, lieber Sandmann” (“Sandman, dear Sandman”) – a text familiar to every child in the GDR, sung by the Leipzig Radio Children’s Choir, which became the MDR Children’s Choir. And this very children’s choir is here to present music by its founder Hans Sandig on a GENUIN release, under the direction of Ulrich Kaiser and Wieland Lemke. The program features the world premiere recording of Sandig’s late Morgenstern cycle Winter Cantata, as well as the first new recording of his Zoo Cantata Come on, we’re going to the zoo! since German reunification. We’ll get to know the grumpy moon bear, the trotting oriental camel, and last but not least, the earthworm – lots of fun, melodious, and with tunes that are guaranteed earworms!

MusicWeb International
"The numbers are lively and entertaining, and a well-trained children’s choir is always a pleasure to experience. (...) The cantata was directed by Ulrich Kaiser and consist of seven short numbers, simple and elegant, sung in sweet harmony, with a fine accompaniment by pianist Christian Otto. (...) The sound quality is excellent."
Review of Bruce McCollum at MusicWeb International