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GEN 89137 19.2.2009
18.90 €

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)  
Trio for Piano, Violin and Violoncello in B Major Op. 8
Allegro con brio
Scherzo. Allegro molto
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)  
Trio for Piano. Violin and Violoncello in C Major Op. 87
Andante con moto
Scherzo. Presto
Finale. Allegro giocoso

Johannes Brahms

Piano Trios in B Major and C Major

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Combining the modern with the traditional, poetic grace with a craftsman’s touch, lyric beauty and earthiness—not only Robert Schumann heard all this in the music of Brahms more than150 years ago, but lovers of classical music can also hear these same qualities today on the most recent GENUIN CD release featuring the Munich Piano Trio: beginning with one of the most lovely cello themes in the history of music (Trio in B major, Op 8), then the haunted strains of the B major trio's scherzos and the later C major trio’s pale hues, culminating in the effervescent finale of the C major trio. The three chamber music partners invoke long arching lines effortlessly: the ensemble’s technical perfection—the fruit of long experience—is impressive, and the listener is touched by the youthful magic radiated by each and every singing note. Masterfully performed—an hour of musical magic!

"The homogeneity of the Trio is utterly convincing!" (Ensemble 3/2009)